MEMPHYS workshop at the f-cell conference in Stuttgart

The MEMPHYS team held a workshop on ‘Electrochemical Hydrogen Purification’ at the f-cell conference in Stuttgart in September 2019. Sven Schmitz (DHBW) chaired the session and introduced the project to the audience. Then Leonard Raymakers from HyET Hydrogen talked about ‘Electrochemical Hydrogen Compression in the Hydrogen Fuel Chain’.


After that Dieter Froning from the Forschungszentrum Jülich gave insights into the ‘Modelling of Electrochemical Hydrogen Purification and Compression’.



Thereafter Linda Schorer from the DHBW outlined the ‘Economical Assessment of Hydrogen Recycling with Electrochemical Hydrogen Purification’. Following the talks a fruitful discussion with the participants resulted. The listeners were very interested in the technology of the MEMPHYS system and the workshop was very successful for disseminating the status of the achievements and raise awareness of the project.